Amazon Vine Participation Agreement

The Amazon Vine program doesn`t guarantee a positive review, but if your product is well done… The sooner they can “hear through the vine,” the better. Q: When are comments posted? Are there necessarily 30 ratings? A: Once in the FBA camp, the products are placed in the Vine Voice community. Wine buyers can choose and get free products based on their own needs. Vine buyers must leave notices within 3 to 30 days of receiving products based on the agreement with Amazon. Q: Are all these assessments positive? A: This is the official evaluation, we can not control the preference of evaluations, it depends on the quality of the product! Q: On which sites is Vine Review available? A:USA, UNITED Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Canada. Q: How many Notices can Vine review leave? A: 1 to 30 reviews, 35-50 issues, maximum 35 reviews. Q: Which products are not suitable for vine testing? Amazon has just updated its agreement to participate in Vine Voice. Here are the two remarkable changes. If you are one of the few to participate in Amazon`s exclusive “Vine” program, you should be aware that Amazon has just distributed emails to all Vine Voices that have made significant changes to the participation agreement. Here is a summary of the changes of the e-mail: The products are placed in the community Of The Voice of Vine after they arrive in the warehouse of the FBA. Vine buyers can choose free products based on their needs and leave reviews within 3-30 days of receiving the products. Under the agreement with amazon, Vine buyers must comment within 30 days of receiving the products, otherwise the buyer of Vine Voice will be disqualified.

You should expect to see the first Vine Voice reviews about three weeks after receiving products recorded by Amazon. You should take into account the processing time in the Amazon distribution center, where products destined for the vine are stored and adapted to the right control controllers. Once a reviewer has selected an item, he must spend time with the item – use it, test it, you call it – before making an accurate and honest assessment. Finally, each reviewer must decide whether to write the assessment, since the Amazon Directive does not require it to do so. The programme has been criticised for the lack of transparency of the programme and the professionalism of its critics. [21] Kristen McLean, formerly of the Booksellers for Children Association, noted that Amazon did not initially disclose that publishers paid to have their products listed, and that “Amazon doesn`t talk exactly about the number of people in the program, how they are selected.” [5] At first, the program was also criticized for the visibility of critics, with librarian Elizabeth Bird (author and top 500 of Amazon Reviewer) commenting that her comments were sometimes “shaken to the side” while Vine`s ratings were larger and more visible. [22] Bird added that some of the critics chose and criticized books for which they were “not the best representative readers,” and that this highlighted the difference between secular readers and professional critics, that the latter was better able to “make informative comments and recognize the audience of a book.” [22] For Amazon, Vine is a legitimate, or at least sanctioned, alternative to one of the black markets that have emerged around the company.

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